"Have you slapped it today?" jersey

Did you know that Slap the Penguin has a (small) range of branded products available through cafepress.com? One of these hot items is the "Have you slapped it today?" 3/4 sleeve jersey.

Front and Back view of a cool STP jersey

Nest: The Learning Thermostat

First of all, I want to issue a disclaimer. Although this is a satirical news site, our product reviews are mostly serious and definitely objective and even though we still inject some humor, the review is an honest representation of how we rate the products we review. Check back through our product review history and see for yourself.

Nest: The Learning Thermostat
a.k.a. Nest: The Tech Geek Thermostat
a.k.a. Nest: The Lazy Ass Persons Thermostat

Bear Grylls Survival Knife

Imagine if you suddenly found yourself lost in the jungle and had to survive for a few days before being found, what item would you most like to have with you? No, it's not an iPhone. It's a Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife with Serrated Edge.

The Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife by Gerber