Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condom

Our product review section is severely underwhelmed so we spent the weekend trying to come up with ideas for things to review. We ultimately decided on Trojan 'Twisted Pleasure' condoms (ironic choice since Twisted Pleasure is what we like to give our readers).

To start, the Trojan 'Twisted Pleasure' is available in 3 sizes S, M and L (small, medium and liar) so naturally I opted for the biggest size, after spending 30 minutes in the toothpaste aisle at Walmart, waiting for an opportunity to pick up a pack without being spotted.

This is not gum
My first impression was the bright green packaging, not dissimilar to a pack of mint gum. The obvious drawback is that when not paying attention a person may inadvertently start chewing on a condom, which is rather rubbery and unpleasant (but you can blow great bubbles).

After unwrapping the condom and unrolling it, I was surprised to see it looked like a narrow version of an energy efficient light bulb. Quickly dismissing that unarousing thought from my mind I attempted to put myself in 'the mood' to try it on for size. 

Yeah, this one was waaay small
As a single guy, it is not always possible to find a woman to help out in this situation. "Hi, I am a news reporter and I need to review this condom. I find you attractive and would be grateful if you could assist me. COME BACK! I WILL MENTION YOUR NAME IN THE REVIEW." The rest of the review may seem a little onesided.

The fit was comfortable and the condom performed as described from the male perspective i.e. no leaks. The bulges and twists on the surface would have probably increased female pleasure, as would the adequetly lubed exterior. I am planning/hoping to do a follow up really soon to give the female side of the story. [Ladies, want to help with a news report? - email me]

At about $8/dozen these are a little more expensive than a regular Trojan condoms, but to get 'Twisted Pleasure' is worth it.

Penguin Rating

4 Slaps - Strong

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