New Depends

Do you find yourself being plagued by embarrassing leaks? Many government officials do. But now you don't have to worry about sharing those inconvenient moments with new Depends.

Wikidepends - Stops all Wikileaks
Available in all sizes including 'Presidential'

Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd – comedian, actor, screenwriter, conehead, musician, winemaker, ufologist and Canadian. Where does he get the time to make this vodka?

Hey John, you lost some weight there, buddy
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him Horatio...

The Snuggie

Thanks to the 'As Seen On TV' people for not sending me a free snuggie to review. I am not spending $15 on a blanket with sleeves. Instead I am going to wear my bathrobe back to front and review that for you good people.

For those Jedi Smurf moments in life

3 Musketeers Bar

The 3 Musketeers Bar from M&M/Mars (known as a Milky Way everywhere outside of the US) was introduced to the US way back in 1932. It's name comes from the original design of the product. A three piece, three flavor confection, the 3 flavors being vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

And so it remained until 1945 when as a result of the Second World War the price of strawberries went up thanks to the Luftwaffe and their strategic strawberry bombing campaign. This ruthless tactical bombing almost caused the extinction of the US strawberry, and Mars decided to quit using them in their products.

Wrangler Carpenter Jeans

Almost everyone in the modern world has at least one pair of jeans. The sizes, shapes and colors of jeans are as varied as the people who wear them, with price tags ranging from a few dollars to "How Much? Are you insane?"

Do these Jeggings make my butt look big?

Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condom

Our product review section is severely underwhelmed so we spent the weekend trying to come up with ideas for things to review. We ultimately decided on Trojan 'Twisted Pleasure' condoms (ironic choice since Twisted Pleasure is what we like to give our readers).

To start, the Trojan 'Twisted Pleasure' is available in 3 sizes S, M and L (small, medium and liar) so naturally I opted for the biggest size, after spending 30 minutes in the toothpaste aisle at Walmart, waiting for an opportunity to pick up a pack without being spotted.

This is not gum

Miller Lite Vortex Bottle

Miller Brewing Company have a new idea to sell more beer. It's called the Vortex Bottle. The bottle has angled grooves inside the neck in order to deliver the beer quicker and more smoothly to it's destination. Science (and nature) has proven that air or liquid will move quicker and easier through a tube if it is rotating, hence the rifling on the inside of the bottle.

Mmmmmmm Beer
Mmmm, beer