Re:VIEW May 2015

Reviews are a snapshot of an opinion about a product, but the true test of quality of a product is the ongoing opinion. That is why we have a 6 month cool off period and then re-review a product. Read on to see what we reviewed 6 months ago and if our opinion has changed over the period of half a year.

Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle

Back in May 2015, Alexa gave this water bottle a 4/5 rating, but how does it rate now?

I used the water bottle infrequently after the novelty wore off and now its sitting in a cupboard somewhere in my kitchen. The concept is good, but I am not the kind of person to take the time to chop up fruits and let them macerate in a bottle of water. It is just as easy to buy a fruit flavored bottle of water from the grocery store and put that in the fridge.

Old Score 4/5
New Score 3/5
Brad scored this in-car charger 5/5, six months ago. How does it score today?

This charger is still in my car and it gets daily use for charging my phone and tablet on the way to work. I still love the sexy blue led which lets me know it's plugged in and working. My opinion has not changed and I still score it 5/5.

Old Score 5/5
New Score 5/5
Ian gave this 4/5 in his review back in May. What's new?

This is permanently plugged in next to my bed to recharge my devices overnight, and I find it to be very useful. Since things charge overnight, I don't really notice if it's faster or slower than the original chargers. It hasn't fallen out of the wall very often since it's tucked out of the way and I don't change over cables. Still not quite a 5/5 item, but definitely more than a 4/5.

Old Score 4/5
New Score 4/5
Check back next month for a new round of re-reviews.

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