Wrangler Carpenter Jeans

Almost everyone in the modern world has at least one pair of jeans. The sizes, shapes and colors of jeans are as varied as the people who wear them, with price tags ranging from a few dollars to "How Much? Are you insane?"

Do these Jeggings make my butt look big?
The popularity of the denim look has even expanded into leggings (much like the backsides of the women who wear them) with the invention of Jeggings, but that's a different review.

So why am I reviewing Wrangler Carpenter Jeans?

Because it's what I currently wear. They are in my price range and are readily available. I also struggle with being a really weird shape, and I am not talking about a 3rd leg or anything like that. I am a 30" waist 32" inseam and most brands within my budget don't fit me.

Wrangler Carpenter Jeans
Wrangler Carpenter Jeans
I have to admit that I am not a carpenter, but I do own some tools, so I am qualified to wear carpenter jeans. I find the right thigh tool pocket convenient for stashing my cellphone, and the hammer loop on the left leg makes a great 'Daddy Handle' for my small children to hang on to.

These jeans do come equipped with a baggy seat area for the broader buttocked carpenter, a feature I personally don't have a use for. On the down side there is the change pocket which is virtually impossible to access while wearing the jeans, so don't go putting your quarters in there unless you are comfortable dropping your pants to buy something from a vending machine.

The Wrangler Carpenter Jeans offer the ultimate in simplicity and value. Standard, slightly stonewashed denim with no sequins or fancy stitching to add to the cost. They are hard-wearing and offer excellent value for money.

Wrangler Carpenter Jeans
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4 Slaps - Strong

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