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Woohoo more tool reviews. This time I get to put two MegaPro screwdrivers through their paces. Keep reading to find out about what I think about the original MegaPro 15-in-1 screwdriver and the MegaPro 13-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver.

MegaPro Original 15-in-1 and Ratcheting 13-in-1 screwdrivers
MegaPro Original 15-in-1 and Ratcheting 13-in-1 screwdrivers
The design for the Original 15-in-1 screwdriver is over 20 years old and has stood the test of time. There have been many copies of the 'bitholder' design with varying degrees of success. Many of them are cheap imitations which travel directly from China to the dollar store or bargain tool store. MegaPro tools are all made in the US or Canada and are built to last. This screwdriver stands out with it's striking blue and yellow color scheme and feels very sturdy in the hand.

The tip of the screwdriver has a 1/4 inch hex opening which receives an assortment of bits according to the job in hand. The aforementioned bits are concealed within the handle. A gentle tug at the yellow end cap reveals the hidden double ended bits attached to a carousel. Simply select the bit which corresponds to your needs and detach from the carousel. Firmly push the bit into the hex opening until it clicks into place. The bit is held in the shaft by means of a sprung ball bearing protruding from it's side.

Double ended Torx Bit with locking bearing
Double ended Torx Bit with locking bearing
The yellow 'palmsaving'  end cap moves with your palm as you adjust your grip to continue the screwdriving motion, meaning you don't end up with sore or blistered palms from extensive operation. The 15-in-1 contains Phillips 0-3, Flat 4mm and 6 mm, Torx T-10, T-15, T-20, and T-25 and Robertson (square) 0-3. This makes 14 tips, plus the 1/4 inch hex driver makes 15.

The 13-in-1 Ratcheting screwdriver is a little less bulky in the hand and as such only carries 12 bits. The Robertson R0 and R3 are sacrificed for the sake of streamlining/ratchet housing. This screwdriver operates the same as the 15-in-1 with the exception of the 3 position ratchet. The ratchet collar can be twisted to engage the ratchet in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction, or in the locked position.

Gratuitous Screwing Images
MegaPro 15-in-1 in action
The 13-in-1 has a 28 tooth ratchet which is able to handle enough torque to turn a screw into a 2 by 4. My regular ratchet screwdriver is still the Wera Kraftform 816 RA which boasts a 60 tooth ratchet and a 'rapidaptor' bit holder, but that cost almost twice as much as the MegaPro ratchet and did not come with any bits, or a cool in-handle carousel to store them. The Wera stays in my pro toolbox and nobody but me uses it, the MegaPro is in the household toolbox for those DIY tasks around the house, including changing the batteries in the kids toys.

If I hadn't been spoiled by my Wera screwdrivers, this MegaPro pair would have scored 5/5.

Now, check out the video review to see these screwdrivers in action.

Overall, I think these screwdrivers are great and either of them would be a great addition to a household toolbox. Having multiple bits stored in the handle means they take up a lot less space and you still have the right tool for the job. MegaPro have numerous variations on these screwdrivers depending on your needs; Hex bits, HVAC, Tamperproof bits, Automotive and much more.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

MegaPro Screwdrivers
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