Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd – comedian, actor, screenwriter, conehead, musician, winemaker, ufologist and Canadian. Where does he get the time to make this vodka?

Hey John, you lost some weight there, buddy
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him Horatio...
There are 2 versions of how this vodka got its name. The first is based in myth and legend. A tale as old as time itself. A tale of 13 crystal heads dating from between 5,000 and 35,000 years ago. Supposedly each skull was polished into shape from a solid block of quartz. In 1962 a group of Hewlett Packard engineers determined that there were no tool marks whatsoever on the skull owned by Mitchell Hedges.

The second is from a more recent and less well known tale. Apparently Crystal Head is the name of the stripper hired by Aykroyd for a friends bachelor party.

So how does it taste? Surprisingly for a $40 vodka pretty bad. It is quadruple distilled and triple filtered through diamond crystals (quartz), which we know does nothing to improve the final product. I was really put off by the sweet licorice/anise finish. I tried it next with a little 7-UP which took care of the finish, but I really don't want to be diluting $40 vodka.

It seems that a large percentage of the price tag is for the fancy bottle and a smaller portion of the cost goes to the contents.

Crystal Head - Ancient Myth or Stripper Name

Overall, Crystal Head vodka is a good vodka but not a $40 vodka. If you would like a cool looking bottle to sit on your bar then it may well be worth the one time cost, then just fill it up with your favorite alternate vodka.

Crystal Head Vodka
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2 Slaps - Weak

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