Iyzer cushioned Sports Sock

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Every now and then the writers at Slap the Penguin are asked to review products, and post their honest and uncompensated opinions here. I was thrilled to be able to test drive and review the Iyzer cushioned Sports Sock. They actually sent me two to review, because they work best in pairs. I spent a couple of weeks wearing them (not continually) so that I was able to share my thoughts.

Iyzer cushioned sport sock
The Iyzer cushioned Sports Sock
Considering my day job, I spend a lot of time on my feet and they get hot and sore during the course of a normal day. I am always on the look out for something to love and caress my feet while I am forced to be nice to people. I unpacked these socks with the enthusiasm of someone unwrapping a Christmas gift knowing that they were about to receive a pair of socks from Santa.

Then the magic happened. I put one on and instantly the arch compression soothed my aching foot. Not warm water foot massaging soothed, but usually I get more pleasure from taking socks off than putting them on. At first, the socks felt strange, not just because I am used to wearing crew socks instead of sports socks, but because the cushioning on the ball and heel of the sock was a new sensation.

Iyzer Sports Sock
Cushioned ball and heel on the Iyzer Sports Sock
The image above shows the cushioning on the ball and heel as well as the breathable mesh material which help keep the foot cool. Both of these features were very welcome considering the stress my feet go through on a regular basis.

By the end of day, I am usually crabby and my feet are hot and sweaty and sore, but after wearing the Iyzer Sports sock under my tennis shoes for 12 hours my feet were definitely less sore and nowhere near as hot as usual. They didn't do anything for my crabbiness, but that is an issue which does not stem from foot comfort.

I have worn these socks 3 times a week since they arrived last month and they hold up well to the task of caring for my feet. I have seen no signs of wear over the short evaluation period and I will report back in the future as to how they hold up in the long term.

Thanks Iyzer
I love my feet again thanks to Iyzer Sports Sock
While these socks will love and caress the gnarliest of feet they are not miracle workers, and will not replace the need for daily foot care. The moisture wicking properties of these socks certainly alleviate some of those sweaty feet symptoms, but people who are afflicted with bromodosis (cheese feet) will still need to manually remove the inter-toe build up.

These socks are available from amazon, here, and I think they are well worth the investment. They are comfortable, and I found that they do help a great deal when spending extended periods on your feet.

Disclosure: I received this item at no cost in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

Iyzer cushioned Sports Sock
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