ChillWarmer Chiller 2.0 Insulated Water Bottle

By +Ian C

Read on to find out more about the ChillWarmer 17oz Stainless Steel Double Walled Insulated Chiller 2.0 Sports Water Bottle. It's an insulated water bottle which keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. It also maintains the temperature of warm, tepid and cool drinks.

ChillWarmer Chiller 2.0 Water Bottle
ChillWarmer Chiller 2.0 Water Bottle
The Chiller 2.0 bottle is a stainless steel double wall construction, which not only insulates your drinks from the surrounding temperatures, but also prevents condensation from forming on the outside. It holds 17oz of water, coffee, tea, vodka, jello or soup for immediate gratification or for later enjoyment.

The cap screws off to allow easy filling and screws back on to prevent the liquid from escaping. The red button is disabled when in the 'lock' position, but slide it to 'open' and give it a press and the magic happens. The flip top lid flips open revealing a drinking spout, allowing you to access the contents without having to unscrew the top!

My co-writer +Brad Naylor and I got together to test the temperature changes to see how effective this water bottle is at keeping drinks hot or cold. Basically we took a stopwatch and a kitchen thermometer and measured the temperature at regular intervals.

We also measured water at the same starting temperature in a regular glass container for comparison. Here are the rather scientific looking graphs.

Click to enlarge (caution: science in progress)
The graphs show: Our cold water started at 36°F and after 6 hours was at 50.3°F in the bottle and room temperature in the glass. The hot water started at 194°F and dropped to 136.1°F after the same 6 hour wait. The hot water in the glass had dropped to room temperature. In simple terms the hot water was almost boiling and the cold water started at almost freezing.

Long story short; the water bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a few hours.

Overall, I like this water bottle, it works as described and looks as cool as the water inside. I would recommend it to anybody who needs an insulated water bottle which looks good and will last.

Disclosure: I received this item for a heavily discounted price in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

ChillWarmer Chiller 2.0 Insulated Water Bottle
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