Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp

By +Brad Naylor

I have been testing out the OXYLed Rechargeable LED Clamp Desk Lamp so that I can share this review with you nice people. Sometimes you don't want a big overhead light on, or maybe you just need a little more light in a small area which is where this portable rechargeable LED lamp comes in.

Rechargeable Desk Lamp
Pose in any position
The head of this lamp looks like something from War of the Worlds except it emits a single white light rather than the red green and blue lights from those movie martians. In fact you get 3 levels of white light from this lamp. The light is turned on by pressing the ultra sensitive square on the front of the base, and each successive press increases the light through 3 stages of brightness and another press turns it off again.

The illumination comes from a series of 14 LEDs which are covered by a diffuser to create a uniform area of light which is soft yet clear. The stats say that the light has a color temperature of 5500 K which is in the range of direct daylight, and I would definitely agree that the light does have a bright daylight feel to it.

LED lamp base and charging cable
You can see the square power button and the charging cable
I charged this lamp from empty via my laptop USB and it took a little over 2 hours to fill to capacity. I left it on full to time it's discharge and it took about 80 minutes to go out completely, but it did start fading after about 1 hour.

I was going to time the two lower power settings, but the lamp gives off a high pitched whistle on those settings. It's not a loud whistle but it is noticeable when there is no other background noise. Since I only use this on the brightest setting it is not a big issue for me, but I did deduct one star/slap for it.

The clamp is large and very strong making this lamp sturdy, whether freestanding or attached to a desk. I would have liked a slightly smaller base which would give me the option to clip it to a laptop for when I am working in bed with the lights off. It would be great to plug it into a USB port and be able to see what my fingers are typing.

Overall, I like this LED Clamp Lamp and have found it to be very useful, especially when extra light is needed at my hobby table. It's output is bright yet soft and does not cast hard edged shadows.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp
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