Symaxio Wireless Bluetooth Headset

By +Brad Naylor

This is my first experience with Bluetooth headsets and I only experimented with them because I was sent a pair for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, which you can now enjoy.

After charging the headset, which was a straightforward task, I paired the headset to my phone. Again this was pretty simple since I had the directions in my hand. Press the play button on the phone, jiggle the earbuds into place and It took a few tries to adjust the volume on the headphones since all of the buttons, which reside on the right ear piece are multifunction buttons. Volume + and - is also skip + and - depending on whether you press or press and hold. The play/pause button is also the answer call and on/off button as well as the pair device button, again depending length of press and the particular circumstance at the time of pressing.

While the buds sit comfortably in the ear (so long as you don't turn your head), adjusting the volume does cause a slight shift which requires repositioning, and pressing the play/pause button pushes the earbud further into the ear which is rather uncomfortable.

The design concept is decidedly flawed and has been overlooked in order to give these headphones the streamlined and futuristic look that they possess. While they are advertised as comfortable and light which I cannot disagree with, the lightness comes from the cheap plastic feel of a Made in China product. The oriental origin of these phones was indeed confirmed as the voice prompt in my ear told me that my "Bruetooth Disconnect".

So long as your music has no quiet portions where the music cannot mask the hiss, you should get along with these headphones. Just make sure to control the volume and skip functions from your phone to avoid irritating your right ear.

I have not yet been wearing the headphones when the need to make or receive a phone call has arisen, but I will surely let you now how that works if the situation presents itself.

To be fair, I was not sure what to expect from these headphones, and I would have been disappointed if I had paid the asking price for them. Unless the ability to move 30 feet from your music device is paramount, I would invest in a pair of wired headphones and enjoy hissless music.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset
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