Ice Ball Molds

By +Tina Cruris

Everyone knows that when you add ice to a drink, the ice is going to melt and make the drink more watery. For some drinks, that's not a big issue, but for those who like their vodka chilled and relatively undiluted, this causes a problem. For this reason, I have been testing out these Ice Ball Molds to make large 'Ice Balls' which chill a drink quickly but melt slowly.

A pair of stacking Ice Ball Molds
Stackable to save space
There is a scientific reason why these ice balls melt more slowly than their cuboid counterparts, and it seems to make sense, however, the real proof is in the practical demonstration. The 2.5 inch diameter ice balls do actually melt more slowly than the equivalent volume of regular ice cubes. I was able to get three drinks out of a single ice ball rather than just one drink from my old ice cubes.

An Ice Ball
An Ice Ball
The molds are simple to use, and comprise of a solid plastic base which you fill with water up to the "fill to here" line. You then attach the rubber lid to the base to create the mold. The lid has a hole in the top so that if you overfill the base the water can escape. This is important during the freezing process since water expands as it freezes. (Have you ever left a sealed can or bottle of liquid in the freezer only to find that it has exploded everywhere?). Once the molds are ready, put them in the freezer and wait a few hours.

To remove the ice ball from the mold, just rinse under warm water for a few seconds and separate the two pieces and presto, fairly round ice balls. I have not yet managed to make a perfectly spherical ice ball, but I don't plan to invite any mathematicians round for cocktails any time soon. Also my Ice Balls do not have the crystal clarity of the professional Ice Balls pictured below.

Raspberry Ice Balls
Raspberry Ice Balls
I haven't tried it yet, but you can freeze mint leaves or fruit inside the ice ball, for a decorative touch when entertaining Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray or Kate Middleton.

The one thing you have to be sure of to use these ice balls, is that your glass (or other receptacle) is able to receive a ball of ice 2 1/2 inches across, otherwise your ice ball is not going to fit. Thankfully I have some good solid tumblers to use instead of the collins glasses which I used to use for my drinks.

Please note that ice is notoriously difficult to photograph, especially when you have 20th century technology, so the images above are borrowed from the page for this product.

Overall, I am extremely happy with these Ice Ball Molds, and would recommend them to anybody who wants big round balls of ice to chill their drinks. One Ice Ball lasts me a whole night, so for me, 2 molds is enough, but there is a 4 mold pack if your ice consumption is higher than mine.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

Ice Ball Molds
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