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From time to time we get the opportunity to offer a giveaway to our readers, thanks to generosity of our product review sponsors, and this is one of those times. To enter, you need to read through the review and answer the simple question at the end to be entered into a draw where one lucky person will receive a JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool identical to the one in this review. The contest is only open to US residents due to shipping restrictions.


JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool
JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool
Since I am the tools and gadget guy, I got to review this multitool from JClaw Tek. First off, I love the black oxide finish and the rubberized grip on this tool, it makes it look sexy and sturdy. There are just enough tools to make this a functional piece of equipment without having so many that it gets too crowded. This multitool has the added bonus of a two LED flashlights built into it, so you can see what you are doing in those dark crowded spaces, or in a lights out emergency.

The 3 inch combo knife blade is flat at the tip and serrated at the base giving you that extra cutting power when needed. It is self locking blade however mine did not lock firmly straight out of the box, it needed a little work to help the lock mechanism engage. Also the flat part of the blade was slightly dull and will need sharpening to be useful. Not a major issue, just an inconvenience.

The scissors are effective so long as you put gentle sideways pressure on the lever to keep the blades engaged. The small screwdriver tips one +, one - offer basic functionality, they look like they will stand up to most emergency tasks when going to get the toolbox would make extra work. The combo bottle opener and can opener work well and are a useful addition when taking this tool camping.

The tools open with reasonable ease and lock firmly into place allowing them to be used with confidence. The 2 small screwdrivers are opened by pushing down on a small lever, an operation which was not mentioned in the directions. Actually the only thing which was described in the directions was how to change the batteries. Again not a big issue since anybody who is likely to own one of these is probably already capable of figuring out how to use it.

Complete with carrying sheath
Complete with carrying sheath
What makes a multitool different to a pocket knife is the inclusion of a pliers. The pliers on this tool are sturdy and strong and include a wire cutter/wire stripper. They are spring loaded to the open position which is handy when working in tight corners.

The LEDs are located at opposite ends of the tool and illuminate the work area with the press of a single button. The LEDs cycle on/off with each successive push of the button, The illumination is effective when using any of the tools in the dark

The tool comes complete with a well made nylon sheath which has a belt loop so that you can carry the tool around without taking up valuable pocket space. The belt loop is at the base of the sheath which makes it sit rather high on the belt, and for those of us with a muffin top this can be a little awkward.

If MacGyver gets a 21st century reboot
If MacGyver gets a 21st century reboot then he would use a multitool
Now for the giveaway contest instructions:

Answer this question correctly to have a chance to win one of these multitools.

How many LEDs does the JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool have?

Simply send an email with your name and answer to The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries received before the contest closes. Just to remind you that due to shipping restrictions, this giveaway is open only to US residents. The contest closes at midnight Central Standard Time on September 13th 2015, and we will attempt to contact the winner within 48 hours.

If you still need convincing then here is a video review of the JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool, so you can see it in action.

Overall, I like this multitool. It is not the most sophisticated tool of it's kind out there, but neither is it the most expensive. There are numerous other tools out there which have twice as many functions, but they also cost 3 times the price, and do not have the twin LEDs. The JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool is not designed to replace a well stocked toolbox, but does come in handy when you are away from your tool box and you just need a bit of MacGyver Magic. This tool is sturdy, functional and I will definitely get some use out of it.

Disclosure: I received this for no free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

JClaw Tek Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multitool
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