2Charge 4 in 1 Charging cable

By +Ian C 

I usually hand these tech toys off to Brad since he geeks out on things like this, but I actually have a legitimate reason to review the 2Charge® 4 in 1, 2.1 A USB Charging cable. My family is a divided one; some of us worship Apple, while others place their faith in Android, but we do have one common theme... someone is always losing their charging cable. 

2Charge® 4 in 1, 2.1 A USB Charging cable
Now you can charge pretty much anything
This cable is 3.3 feet long and has a standard USB plug at one end. At the other end the cable splits into 4 with each head of the hydra having a different plug in.
  • Old Apple 30 pin
  • New Apple Lightning
  • Micro USB for most brands of Android Phone and accessories
  • Mini USB for bunches of other electronics like GoPro cameras
We had the chance to try out the first 3 options, but none of us have anything that takes a Mini USB. Plugging the single USB end into a 2.1A wall output, I was able to charge both a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an iPad2 simultaneously. Considering the power was being shared, both devices charged slower than they would have normally, but that is to be expected. When charging a single device, the charging time is comparable to using the original cable supplied with the device.

The cable is well made and the connections from cable to plugs seem sturdy. The cable is the increasingly popular flat design rather than the rounded version, which makes it easier to detangle, even though tangling is rare with flat cables.

I love the overall design of this cable, from the color scheme to what looks like a stylized smiley face on the 30 pin plug which helps my son plug it into the ipad the correct way every time. I would definitely recommend this cable to anybody who works cross platform with portable devices or those in my situation who live a home with mixed beliefs.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

2Charge 4 in 1 Charging cable
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