Reach Cables 10ft Extra Long Lightning Cable

By +Alexa Rankin

Since I am the only STP writer with a compatible Apple product, it was up to me to review the Reach Cables 10ft Extra Long Lightning Cable. I was thrilled at the thought of having a super long charging cable so that I can be more mobile while charging my iPhone 5.

10 feet is a lot of cable
10 feet is a lot of cable
It is difficult to imagine exactly how long a 10 foot cable actually is. I could plug one end into the wall at one end of the couch and lay at the other end and play games while my phone charged, I could also roll over in bed and check facebook where as before I was restricted to laying on my right side because I had a standard length cable.

The first thing I noticed when I plugged it into my USB block was that it wiggled a little bit; more than other cables that I have used before. I plugged the other end into my phone and noticed that it was a very tight fit with my Lifeproof protective case on. This was quite annoying because I use the case to protect my phone and I don't want to remove it every time that I need to charge my phone. While I did manage to make it fit with a little effort but it was tough to remove it again and I fear that it will shorten the lifespan of the cable (or phone).

Very tight fit with this case
Needed some effort to get it to fit,
and more effort to remove it.
With the cable inserted it performs as expected. It charges from 0% in about the same time as my standard cable does. What I like about this cable, apart from the 10 foot mobility radius, is the braided cord feels nice compared to the rubberised ones which come as standard with the phone.

My opinion is actually torn regarding the 10 foot range of this cable. I love the mobility and convenience that it offers, but more than once I have gotten body parts tangled in the extra length cable, and have seen my phone whip across the living room or bedroom as a result of almost tripping (that's why I need my Lifeproof case...)

The braided cord looks like it will be able to cope with anything I can throw at it, but in my experience with iphone cables (OEM and 3rd party) there are two major weak spots. The area where the cable meets the plastic housing and the part where the plastic housing joins to the metal plug in. I have had mixed fortunes in the past with cables failing in those areas, and only time will tell if this cable will hold together in those sticky spots.

Overall I like this lightning cable. It has added an extra dimension of freedom to my leisure time, and I will just have to adapt and be more careful where I walk so I don't trip anymore. I had to ask someone with a sharp knife to slightly modify the plastic grip so that it fit without me having to remove my case constantly. Check the dimensions of your case opening prior to purchase, or be prepared to modify (case or cable) to fit.

I received this item at no cost for evaluation purposes. The honest and unbiased review above is my own opinion.

Reach Cables 10ft Extra Long Lightning Cable
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