Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder by Ehauer

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It's been a while since I did a review so I jumped in to test out this Stainless Steel Credit Card holder by Ehauer. It holds six credit cards and protects them from RFID scanners so your credit card details are kept that little bit safer.

Holds 6 cards in the concertina area
Space for 6 credit cards
This card holder came in a delightful presentation box which makes gifting it that much easier. Just find some ribbon and a bow and you're set. A piece of foam keeps the card holder in place inside the box and the stainless steel finish is shiny and new. My prints literally leapt from my fingers and stuck to the body of this card holder at first touch.

The holder opens with a simple button press and the folded inserts have a spring like quality, popping the holder open a small amount. The cards are easily visible inside and are easy to remove and replace. The holder then closes under gentle pressure with a satisfying click.

The holder pops open and the press of a button
The holder pops open and the press of a button
It is just a fraction larger than a credit card an fits nicely into a pants pocket, but with a few cautionary measures, found out the hard way. This holder is made from stainless steel and is very sturdy and is thicker than I would imagine it would need to be. As a result it can get pretty uncomfortable sitting on it in a back pocket, so I would recommend placing it in a front pants pocket or a jacket pocket. I would also suggest not carrying keys or change in the same pocket as this card holder because the attrition takes that sexy sheen off in no time. After just two days my card holder was scuffed and roughed up and looked like it was a year old.

Shiny and newScuffed after 2 days

The pictures above show how the shiny surface deteriorated after only 48 hours of use. The other thing to note about this card holder is that it is only designed to carry credit cards or other items of that size, like a photo ID or loyalty cards. You could fold up a couple of bills and slot them into the openings, but there isn't a dedicated area for money since this is a credit card holder. In the past I have been used to carrying a wallet which held cards and cash so this was an adjustment for me during the evaluation period.

As it happens, none of my cards use RF technology so I will neither benefit from the protection nor do I have the technology to test it, so I shall take the manufacturer at their word. From my research, a sleeve lined with aluminum foil is enough to block RFID skimmers so I am sure a sturdy piece of steel will do the same.

Overall I have mixed feelings about this credit card holder. It functions exactly as described, and that is to hold 6 credit cards conveniently and safely without the threat of having your data stolen with an RFID reader. It is light and sturdy and performs its assigned tasks well. For just a card holder, it was thicker than I am comfortable with carrying, and I was disappointed by the ease at which the surface tarnished in such a short period of time, even though the rest of the workmanship is of high quality. Perhaps for the next version a thin protective layer can be applied to the finish, and possibly a few fractions of an inch taken off the thickness.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

Stainless Steel Credit Card holder by Ehauer
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