Ozeri Touch Body Scale

By +Brad Naylor

I have never been one to keep in touch with my weight on a daily basis. Yes I am a little overweight, but that is what happens when you hit middle age and don't get as much exercise as you used to. How do I know I am overweight? Because my new Ozeri Touch Body Scale told me.

Ozeri Touch Body Scale
I can't weight to tell you about this scale
This is more than just a scale that tells you how heavy you are. It also calculates your body fat percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass and hydration levels, to give you a more useful breakdown of your weight related health.

The scale was easy to set up and program, and can handle up to eight different users distinguished by their unique weight range. Just enter your gender, height and age and it will figure out the relevant data and present it on the blue LED. The display scrolls through the different measurements 3 times, giving you more than enough time to jot down the data if needed.

You will need to be barefoot to use the advanced features of this scale, and for safety and accuracy, make sure your feet are dry. The silver sensors measure your Biometric Impedance by sending a low voltage through your lower body and measuring the time it takes for the signal to pass through. For this reason it is recommended that people who are fitted with a pacemaker should not use this type of scale.

Fat, Water, Muscle and Bone
The one thing to remember about the advanced readings is that they are based on an algorithm which can be skewed by factors including humidity, hydration level, water retention, and bladder content. Even foot calluses can adjust body resistance enough to throw out the calculations, so use the data as a guideline rather than a medical diagnosis.

While I like this scale for it's looks and its functionality, there are two things which I would improve on for the next version. The glass surface is shiny and black and shows up footprints and smudges like crazy, which means I have to wipe it down with a cloth after every use. Also, I have to step on and weigh myself, then step off and then step on again to re-weigh myself since the first reading is always a couple of pounds heavy. I am not sure why this error occurs, but it happens every time. The scale is accurate (to its resolution of 0.2 lbs) on the second weighing, and I have tested this with an industrial scale at work.

There is a function to weigh small children and pets by stepping on the scale by yourself and then stepping on again holding the little creature. The scale calculates the difference and presents the weight of your loved one on the screen.

Overall I like this scale and can overlook the need to step on twice. Having muscle and fat percentages give another couple of targets to work towards instead of just weight. This has been a great addition to my bathroom and I actually use it daily.

I received this item at no cost for evaluation purposes. The honest and unbiased review above is my own opinion and has not been influenced in any way.

Ozeri Touch Body Scale
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