Re:VIEW June 2015

Reviews are a snapshot of an opinion about a product, but the true test of quality of a product is the ongoing opinion. That is why we have a 6 month cool off period and then re-review a product. Read on to see what we reviewed 6 months ago and if our opinion has changed over the period of half a year.

Ian C was checking out the Denotek Windshield Phone Holder and gave it a 4/5. Read on and find out what he thinks of it now, 6 months later.

I use this Phone Mount on a daily basis, since it is stuck to my windshield. The suction cup is extremely effective and has come loose only once since I first attached it back in June 2015. It holds my phone firmly and allows me to use GPS, listen to music or handle phone calls without having to fumble around. The magnet is strong enough to hold my phone but allows me to take it off with very little effort. I have increased my rating from 4 to 5 slaps.

Old Score 4/5
New Score 5/5
My Warp Speed Mind by Donalisa Helsley
Another one from Ian C. This book concerning ADHD was given a 5/5 in the original review. Here is the 6 month re-review.

I read this book with my daughter and we both learned some things about ADHD affects the mind of people with it, and some coping techniques for parents and children alike. We still use some of the tricks from the book, and I flip through it sometimes just as a reminder. The information shared in the book is still accurate, and the techniques learned are still effective.

Old Score 5/5
New Score 5/5
Check back next month to see what we are re-reviewing from July 2015.

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