Sunsella Pastry Scraper & Chopper

By +Tina Cruris

I was excited to test and review the Sunsella Pastry Scraper & Chopper since I spend a lot of my time chopping vegetables for stir fry. A tool like this is great for getting those veggies from the chopping board into the wok with ease.

Pastry Scraper & Chopper by Sunsella
"Get to da Chopper"
Yes this handy tool is marketed as a pastry scraper, and the sharp edge handles rolled out dough really well, I actually use it a lot more for moving my chopped up veggies. This scraper can move an entire onion in one scoop where before it took me two handfuls and I still left bits behind.

This scraper has a comfortable ergonomic handle and an indented 6 inch rule marked in 1/4 inch steps probably for those people who like to know how long their carrot is before it gets diced. Or maybe it's for accurately cutting your pastry to size.

6 inch ruler included
This rules
The blade is straight and sharp (for cutting pastry, not kitchen knife sharp) with rounded corners so your chopping board or counter surface doesn't get mashed. It is made from stainless steel and is attached firmly to the molded plastic handle. I have used this scraper almost daily and it has become a good friend of mine in the kitchen. I just wish I was a better baker so that I can use it to it's fullest potential and some cookies and pie crust. Mostly I just wipe off the gunk and rinse it in hot water, but this scraper is dishwasher safe for those who have that luxury.

Overall I am a fan of this scraper and would recommend it to anybody who has a kitchen. There is one TV chef that uses a big flat knife to chop and then move his vegetables and I don't trust myself not to slice my fingers off, so this is a great, safe alternative for me.

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost for the purpose of evaluation. The review above is my own honest and unbiased opinion and has not been influenced in any way.

Sunsella Pastry Scraper & Chopper
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