X-Chef 6 piece cooking utensil set

By +Alexa Rankin

"Oh sure, let's give the kitchen utensil review to the girl," was what I thought at first, but once I started using this Six Piece Cooking Utensil Set, I was happy that it was my turn to write a review.

Six piece kitchen utensil set
Six piece kitchen utensil set

The set comes with all the items pictured above, a slotted turner, ladle, slotted spoon, pasta server, spoon and solid turner, all of which have an attractive lime green handle and matt black head. The utensils are rated up to 415°F so you can use them for pretty much any food preparation or serving tasks. The plastic head means that I can use them with all of my non-stick pans without fear of scratching them up.

What I really love about these utensils is that each handle has a ridge which prevents the operational end of each utensil from touching the countertop, avoiding those messes that can happen when you put your dirty spoon or turner down. The ridge also stops the utensil from sliding into a hot pan when you rest it on the side. There is nothing worse than trying to fish a spoon out of a pan of boiling water with a set of barbecue tongs.

Ladle which does not touch the countertop
Ladle which does not touch the countertop
There are two things which I need to do now that I have these utensils. I have to find a carousel or wall mount so that I can keep these cool tools on display and accessible in my kitchen, and I need to find some lime green pans to compliment the color of the handles.

Overall these are a useful and attractive addition to my kitchen. Like most good ideas, the ridge on the handle is simple and effective and makes life a little easier. I almost gave this set a 4/5 rating because it did not come with a rack or carousel, but I went with a 5/5 because you still get great value for the price.

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost for evaluation purposes. The review above is my own honest and unbiased opinion.

X-Chef 6 piece Cooking Utensil set
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