Ohuhu 16x52 Waterproof Monocular

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The Ohuhu 16x52 Waterproof Monocular landed on my desk at the perfect time, just before the Super Blood Moon last September. To be able to see an event like that magnified 16 times was a pretty exciting prospect and I had a few days to get some practice before the big event.

16x52 Waterproof Monocular and Case
16x52 Waterproof Monocular and Case
For the uninitiated 16 X 52 means that the device has 16 times magnification and a 52mm objective lens diameter. While larger magnification means bigger images, it also means that any shaking is magnified, so 16 times is a good compromise. Larger objective lenses allow more light in which means better images in low light. The trade off here would be weight and size and the 52mm is a good size for this monocular.

So that's the science angle, how does it actually perform? This monocular has a dual focus which allows you to adjust the objective lens and the eyepiece lens with a simple twist motion. The objective adjustment acts as the rough focus to adjust quickly from near to far, while the eyepiece focus allows a fine tuning to make images clear and sharp.

A comparison of 16 times digital versus optical magnification
A comparison of 16 times digital versus optical magnification
using the Ohuhu 16x52 Waterproof Monocular and a cell phone camera
This mini telescope sits comfortably in the hand and comes with a neck strap so you don't need to look for somewhere to set it down. I wear glasses and I found that although the monocular does work with glasses, I was more comfortable using it without. I have not had a chance to use this item in the rain, so I cannot testify to the waterproof claim, but the rubberized body would still be easily held while wet. 

This monocular came with a sturdy nylon pouch to store and protect it, and a cleaning cloth for polishing the lenses, however it does lack lens covers. The addition of a single objective lens cover for protection would have resulted in this monocular having a perfect 5/5 rating.

Overall I think this is a great value monocular with enough magnification to bring distant objects into close focus without too much distortion or the need for a tripod. It is an ideal tool for the casual user who dabbles in birdwatching, camping or other outdoor activities.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

16x52 Waterproof Monocular
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