Re:VIEW April 2015

Reviews are a snapshot of an opinion about a product, but the true test of quality of a product is the ongoing opinion. That is why we have a 6 month cool off period and then re-review a product. Read on to see what we reviewed 6 months ago and if our opinion has changed over the period of half a year.

Iyzer cushioned Sports Sock
Back in April we reviewed these sports socks and gave them 5/5 slaps, but how are they doing now?

I am still wearing these super comfy socks, although not three times a week like I was during the original evaluation. They are still as comfortable as when I first tried them on and they are holding up pretty to well to the stresses of sock life. I keep promising myself that I will buy a second pair, and even though I think these socks are awesome, the price per pair is higher than I am used to paying for socks.

Overall, I would still rate these socks 5/5 and I recommend them to anybody who suffers with sore feet from standing all day.

Old score:5/5
New score :5/5

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