Ohuhu 75ft Expandable Hose

By +Tina Cruris

It is October here in Minnesota, and I believe most of the rest of the world also, and it is hardly a time to be thinking about getting a new garden hose, but I was asked to evaluate and review the Ohuhu 75ft Expandable Hose and that is exactly what I did.

75 feet of hose in a box that small?
How much hose can you get in this tiny box?
The first thing I noticed was how small and light the box was, and yes they had actually stuffed all of the hose and the spray nozzle into a box measuring 6" X 6" X 9½" weighing less than 3 pounds. Most of the weight actually comes from the brass connectors, since the hose is super light and easy to manage. I checked with a neighbor who has a 75ft 'regular' hose and his weighs about 12 pounds, so you can see an obvious advantage there.

I screwed one end onto my tap and found that the brass fittings were really sturdy and well made. There is no doubt that they are going to last for a while. Then I screwed the 8 pattern spray nozzle onto the other end and turned the tap on. The crinkled, contracted hose suddenly started uncrinkling and expanding under the pressure of the water. It was both amusing and slightly erotic at the same time.

8-way spray nozzle options
Borrowed from the amazon page since my images were super out of focus
I set the sprayer on FULL, aimed it away from the small crowd of interested onlookers, and squeezed the trigger. A mighty spray of water flew from the nozzle and soaked the tree in my yard. The audience whooped and applauded, so I cycled through the 7 other settings to see how they vary and what possible uses each setting could have. The crowd loved it and were cheering for more. I was so tempted to set it on mist and point it at them. The sprayer end of the hose has an on/off valve so that you can change from the handheld 8-way sprayer to a sprinkler without having to walk all the way back to the tap to turn it off. 

I will definitely use the 'soaker' setting for watering my plants and the 'flat' setting for hosing down my driveway. The other settings will come in useful for other things too, I just can't think of any specifics right now.

A close up of the nozzle head
A close up of the nozzle head
Since the hose uses the water pressure to expand, when you squeeze the handle the hose does noticeably contract a little, so I would try to avoid using it at the full 75 feet, leave yourself a little wiggle room.

When playtime was over, I turned off the water at the source and then held the trigger to let out all the water in the hose so that it shrunk back to it's original 25 feet. The manufacturer recommends that you do not leave water in the hose when not in use to avoid damage to the hose. It's really easy to empty and pack away this hose between waterings, and you don't need one of those fancy expensive hose reels to store it. I just put mine back in the box and stashed it in the shed until I need to use it again.

Overall, this is going to be a really useful tool for me and my garden. I am hoping to get some serious use out of it before the Minnesota winter hits, but once spring rolls around it will get daily use. Buy one, your garden will love you.

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for the honest and unbiased review above.

Ohuhu 75ft Expandable Hose
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